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Creative London
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Article Post Date: Monday 29.03.2010

Creative London is a new initiative that will champion and support London's creative industries. Through the LDA and private and public partners, Creative London will work to increase employment and prosperity, and provide opportunities for Londoners to participate in one of the leading centres of the global creative economy. In particular, Creative London has four main objectives:

ïEnsure the continued growth and development of London's creative industries
ïMaximise their contribution to London's economy
ïTo enhance the regenerative capacity of London through the increased engagements of its citizens in the arts and other cultural activities
ïTo make sure that London's diverse communities benefit from, and contribute to, this expansion
ïOverview and Rationale for Investing in Creative Industries
Creative London follows from the work of the Mayor's Commission on the Creative Industries. This was a six month inquiry into London's creative industries, exploring how they can be better supported, and how their contribution to London's economy can be maximised. The Mayor and the LDA have identified the creative industries as a priority sector for London, worth £21 billion to the London economy and employing more than 500,000 people.

The creative industries in London employ over half a million people, generate over £20 billion in turnover and display one of the fastest growth rates of job creation in any sector. They are essential to the success of the modern economy and London has strength in depth across the board, from architecture to crafts and from pop music to software.

Some statistics:

Second biggest sector in London (after financial and business services)
£21 billion annual turnover
London's fastest growing sector
1 in 5 new jobs are in the Creative Industries
Predicted to grow at twice the average rate for the economy
Creative London Partners

Creative London is being led by the London Development Agency, the Mayor's agency for business and jobs. The LDA invests more than £300 million a year to support the growth of new and existing businesses, the creation of new jobs, and the development of new communities. It works to promote and grow London's strengths as the world's leading financial centre, its most vibrant cultural centre, an outstanding centre for higher education and research and the busiest global transport hub. The LDA is working with a number of other partners on the Creative London initiative.

LDA/Creative London has supported City Showcase in February and September 2003 and in 2004.


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