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Article Post Date: Friday 16.04.2010

CMU is a UK-based 'online network' for everyone who makes, breaks, plays, plugs, writes, rates, champions and/or cherishes great new music. It exists to bring together everyone working in music, from the suits at the biggest music and media firms, to the people keeping it very real in the grass roots music community � whether they be artists, songwriters, club night promoters, fanzine editors, college radio presenters, student newspaper reviewers or simply those obsessive and vocal music fans which marketing types like to call opinion formers.

We endeavour to provide all these people with an 'insider guide' to the music business and all it creates � ensuring everyone has equal access to information on all the latest corporate wheelings and dealings, copyright shenanigans, digital music innovations, download upturns and retail downfalls, media and label launches and revamps, appointments, signings, releases, tours, litigation, arrests, feuds, fisticuffs and incidents of tabloid note, the drinking, the drug taking, the inappropriate remarks, and, let's not forget, the creation, launch and response of and to the very finest new music, of all kinds.

We provide this coverage through the free CMU Daily e-bulletin, the UK music community's most read daily news service, and online via and its popular News-Blog. Further insights are available at CMU's acclaimed low-cost seminars, one-day courses that provide in-depth training on different areas of the music business. CMU also stages debates, insight interviews and training seminars at universities around the UK, and at festivals and conventions like City Showcase.

You can access all of CMU's content and services at

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