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Carnaby Street / Shaftesbury plc
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Article Post Date: Monday 29.03.2010

Shaftesbury plc is dedicated to the success of London's West End.

Shaftesbury's Carnaby village centres on the eponymous and World famous Carnaby Street. The village comprises ten streets, the majority of which are pedestrianised.

In the 1960s, Carnaby St was the epicentre of a fashion and cultural revolution that reverberated around the World. It was even immortalised in the Oxford English dictionary as: "n. (usu Attrib) Fashionable clothing for young people".

By the mid-Sixties, the international fame attained by Carnaby Street meant the area lost its appeal to the Mod crowd and they began to shy away from 'Peacock Alley'. But at the same time, the flamboyant 'Swinging London' era was taking off in a big way, Carnaby Street's popularity continued and it has since been immortalised in films such as Austin Powers.

In the period from the late Seventies through to the mid Nineties Carnaby remained a popular tourist destination but become dominated by shops selling souvenirs and cheap clothing.

Shaftesbury acquired its first holdings on Carnaby Street in 1994 and purchased the majority of its current ownership in February 1997. The Company's strategy has been to revitalise the area making it a destination for innovative fashion and design complemented by a range of bars and restaurants so that Carnaby is once again a place to see and be seen.

Kingly Court is the most recent development to be unveiled in Carnaby and was officially launched in December 2003. The former office courtyard has been transformed into an attractive outdoor shopping and leisure destination. Over 30 units have been created and now hold a fantastic, hand picked selection of young designers, flagship stores, cafes, bars and nightclubs. Each shop is unique flagship, concept or one-off store, which makes Kingly Court like no other shopping destination in London.

To find out more about what Carnaby has to offer check out You can also register here for our newsflash service, which will keep you updated on all new openings and happenings in the West End's most exciting place to shop, eat, drink, work and live!

Shaftesbury plc supported City Showcase 2004


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