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BPI - British Phonographic Industry
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Article Post Date: Monday 29.03.2010

BPI is the British record industry's trade association, representing thousands of British record companies, from the largest corporation down to the smallest label.

We help record companies do better business - by providing copyright protection & legal expertise, government lobbying, all the latest research and statistics, export advice and practical support at trade fairs, specialist media briefings, essential business advice, education and training programmes, the BRIT awards ñ showcasing music globally, and we're Official UK Charts Partners.

As of January 2005, the BPI's new membership subscription formula was introduced to make it easier for UK independents to take advantage of the BPI's many services.

Everyone involved with the BPI has had one aim in common: to help create an environment in which the British music business can thrive and remain a world leader.


There are many more services available to BPI members than you might think.

Information & Statistics

BPI membership gives our members instant free access to the UK record industry's dedicated research department.  In addition to the our annual stats handbook, members get free copies of the 20-plus reports published annually by the BPI that cover all areas of the music industry.  Members also get discounts on all data from The Official UK Charts Company. With sales registered in over 6,500 UK retail outlets, there's no better way to track sales. All BPI research and information is designed exclusively for members.

BPI Events - Seminars, Networking, & Training

Our education and training programmes are developed with two things in mind ñ one, providing advice and guidance for employees starting their careers in the music industry, and two, providing BPI members with useful information and key contacts to advise on specific areas of the business.  As a focal point of the UK music industry, the BPI provides unique networking opportunities at our education and training events, as well as other events designed to enable you to meet key contacts.

Legal Support And Advice

We're well-known for our work in protecting our members' rights, but perhaps less-well known for providing the legal advice and support our members rely on day-to-day.  With over 30 years' experience in industry negotiation with broadcasters, collecting societies and countless other bodies, BPI's legal team is well-placed to offer independent support and advice.  BPI members can seek advice on a host of legal issues.

The Brits & Your Awards Show

Since its start in 1977, the BPI's awards show has grown in stature to become the biggest night in the UK music industry calendar. 2005 marks the 25th Brit Awards show.  The Classical BRITs has also established itself as a key date in the classical world and enters its 6th year in 2005.  Not only are the BRIT awards proven platforms for showcasing the best in British talent, but a great night out ñ and they're your awards. As BPI members, you get a say in who wins through inclusion in the exclusive BRITs voting academy and priority on tickets and all information about the UK's biggest night in music. 

An International Platform

The BPI is committed to helping its members increase business overseas. We understand the importance of the international music market, and we deliver practical services designed to help you drive sales outside the UK. 


An estimated 10 million counterfeit CDs were sold in the UK in 2003, generating around £56 million for counterfeiters. None of this money found its way back to the artists and creators. Online piracy is also a massive problem; with hundreds of millions of files illegally available on the internet through unlicensed filesharing. The BPI's work in removing music from sites that illegally supply the peer-to-peer networks (especially pre-release) is vital in reducing the illegal availability of your music.  Through our links with the police and Trading Standards departments on physical piracy and our links with internet service providers for online music piracy, the BPI is the UK record industry's key weapon in the battle against copyright theft.  In all piracy cases the BPI is here to advise and take action on your behalf.


February 2005

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