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The Venue – check. The Sound Cues – check. The Set List –check. Insurance??
Article Post Date: Friday 09.05.2014

Insurance is never the first thing you think about  as an artist or a band however Everyone needs it   boring as it might be,  without it you really do put yourself at massive risk the minute you step foot into a venue or recording studio.

City Showcase are supported by Robertson Taylor W&P Longreach who make their insurances so easy and straightforward and now they can do the same for you.  They are offering free, personal, no obligation consultations – so why not give them a call…..

Robertson Taylor W&P Longreach are extremely pleased to support City Showcase in yet another successful year – we are the leading International Entertainment Insurance Broker serving the Music, Live Event, Film TV, Theatre, Sport and Entertainment industries.

With over 35 years’ experience and offices worldwide, Robertson Taylor W&P Longreach has provided insurance and risk management advice to more top grossing artists, tours and events than any other insurance broker.  We will have people on hand at the Apple store and various gig venues over the course of the year.  However if you can’t find us and would like to have a chat about any insurance related issue then please call Bev Hewes on 0207 510 1234 & we  will be happy to meet up

For more information about Robertson Taylor W&P Longreach please visit

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