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Get your kit on…. a proper insurance policy!
Article Post Date: Saturday 02.04.2011

We all know insurance is boring and think it is a waste of money – however if your kit was lost, damaged or stolen before a show could you afford to replace it?

Did you know you can insure £10k worth of kit for no more than the cost of a pint of beer each week, and our policy allows you to immediately hire replacement kit so the show really can go on.

Most household policies will not cover your kit once it leaves the house and certainly won’t cover you whilst touring or performing.  We have been insuring musicians, songwriters, bands and artists since 1977 and can tailor our policies to fit your requirements – whatever you’re planning.

So – to ensure that you have the right cover in place and to protect your most valuable assets give us a call today for a chat about how we can help”


In all honesty, we at City Showcase think that you should check out insurance - as the piece above says, it isn't always as expensive as you might think and can give you piece of mind as you lug your stuff around with you.

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