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Tuesdays Gone

ArtForm: CityShowcase Act/Composer, New Zealand

A bunch of talent musicians put together to achieve their grade, we have done so with flying colours and have written our original compositions.

We have performed in front of schools and other communities. We recently performed in the Sleeping Giant Show Case in Naiper and also Havestock (run by Havelock North High School every year to allow up and coming bands to play). Members in the Band : Jaye Sanders- Vocals and Rhythm Guitar , Callum Kennedy- Lead Guitar, Jan Weber- Piano, Richard Feltoe- Bass, Ryan Carswell – Drums.

Tuesday’s Gone, are a band of 15-16 year olds who have been performing since they were at primary school and formed the band at the beginning of 2010, after being put into a group for NCEA and musicianship.

The band is multi-national: Jan Weber (pronounced yarn) is a German exchange student and has been playing piano for 2-3 years;  Ryan Carswell is New Zealander and was a last minute replacement drummer and has been playing for 7 years; Richard Feltoe is a Zimbabwean, plays bass and has been playing for 3-4 years;  Callum Kennedy is Aussie with a Kiwi Mother and Australian Father, plays lead guitar, sings and has been playing guitar for 7 years, he is also a very fine song writer, having complete many of his own original songs completed.  Lastly, Jaye Sanders, vocals and rhythm is Australian by birth and sung most of her life and has played guitar for 5-6 years

Apart from Jan, they have been friends since intermediate school.

They are passionate about music and take this very seriously... “It’s part of our life, there is not one part of the day were we are not playing an instrument of some kind, whether it be as a group or as an individual” said Jaye


Biog as for City Showcase 2010

Featuring In:

City Showcase Launch at the War Memorial Conference Centre
Thursday 25.11.2010
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