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Tin Soldiers

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Hailing from Kent Tin Soldiers are a four piece rock band whose tracks switch seamlessly between powerful choruses and gentle melodic riffs, with a knack for writing catchy and upbeat songs. They formed in October 2007, playing their first gigs and recording a music video at the end of 2007. The band draw from a range of influences including Muse, Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters. They regularly post up video blogs and clips on youtube.

Tin Soldiers recently recorded their first album with Greg Brimson (Supergrass, Metallica, Bush) and John Cornfield (Muse, Feeder, Radiohead) at the helm. As you would expect the production on the track lives up to this high calibre, whilst the song writing really reflects the bands rock influences. There will be a number of single releases from Telling Tales, their debut album, from end 2009 to mid 2010. 

The first single, Word’s Got Out, was released on 7th September and the music video has been playlisted by MTV.  Current single 24 Hours has been playlisted on KerrangTV, ScuzzTV And is also showing at the following venues - Virgin Active, David Lloyd Leisure, JJB Sports & Mi-Fit, Total Fitness and Burtons stores’.

Not limited to rock, dance remixes of their three singles have received much attention via Media 2 Radio, reaching the top 10 in two charts and being played in 12 countries.


'Based on the evidence here, Tin Soldiers are destined for big things. This is fast, energetic, frenetic, frantic, nigh perfect pop-rock.Really, this album cannot be recommended highly enough; perfectly paced, brilliantly produced, artful musicianship, lively guitar solos, loud, bouncy, jump around brilliance.' 5/5 RED HOT VELVET

'a relentless gusto and verve nailed to a punchy radio-seeking anxious Feeder with sharper teeth...Standout tracks Just About Us, Wait For You and 24 Hours demonstrate some keen songwriting skills '

Power-pop is an oft-neglected art due to the genre's preference for bandwagon chasing, but British act Tin Soldiers revive it on their debut - the hooks are relentless and the guitars hammer them under your skin. Fans of Feeder and Ash would do well to give this outfit a try. 7/10 Guitarist Magazine

We can only assume that when making this record, Kent four-piece Tin Soldiers donned white coats, locked themselves in some sort of mad scientist audio-laboratory, and set out to fuse Feeder, Green Day and Ash together - thus creating the catchiest album known to man... When they emerged and dropped the finished disk into the nearest player, it turned out that through their experiments in pop-rock fusion, they had in fact written the pop record that the Foo Fighters never wrote. From start to finish, every minute of 'Telling Tales' will wedge itself inside your head. Catchy doesn't even come close 8/10 ROCKSOUND

‘24 Hours’ is a rampant, epic rocker that exudes youth, enthusiasm and enough hooks to fill an ocean. In addition, there’s a signature sound that is succesful in providing the band with a distinctive edge in the marketplace. ‘Telling Tales’ is a more complex song with clever changes of pace while instrumental interlude ‘Static’ is the darkest song here. ‘The Nothing Song’ is an prime example of the band’s quality song-writing and ability to inject interest with extended and pretty wonderful instrumental passages. This is a very strong debut album.  Strongly recommended.

Four-piece outfit from Kent who...kick up a mighty post-grunge racket that is highly listenable and shows promise of a band with a lot to offer. [Word's Got Out] is a punchy number with a wonderfully commercial hook and is driven along at a pounding rate by the rhythm section. The band cite Foo Fighters as a major influence and there is a clear debt to them on this, with an anthemic chorus that sticks inside your head like putty..

Chugging guitars, explosive time changes, like Muse playing proper pop songs with Dave Grohl at the volume control. As you can imagine melodies are rife, guitars spin off and drums are given a good kicking, indeed frenetic dancing and weird shapes are often thrown as a result. Q MAGAZINE

If you want catchy then it’s time to make the acquaintance of Tin Soldiers who rival the Ebola virus in terms of sheer infectiousness… KERRANG

...they can do heartfelt and introspective as well as loud and punchy, as the contrast between just what I needed and the gently swelling Day by Day demonstrated...If the sign of a good group is people applauding the sound check, then Tin Soldiers should be packing-out Wembley....
…its only when three hours later when your singing these tunes in the bath that you begin to clock the quality of these tunes. ...even with simple ingredients, it takes class to pull it off as well as these boys do.…Just What I Needed would seem destined to soundtrack some kind of road trip moment in the next scary-pie-creek movie out of Hollywood…even with simple ingredients, it takes class to pull it off as well as these boys do. BUZZSAW MAGAZINE

From sensitive ballads to balls out rock songs the band can ably turn their hands to writing memorable hook laden songs. DROWNED IN SOUND

There is a subtle but profound difference between a good song and a great song. For this writer, that line is measured in how long after the disc has left the player, you can still remember the hook. This is one department that Tin Soldiers excel in…JUST WHAT I NEEDED is in possession of a whaling fleets worth of hooks…the old adage of "dont bore us get to the chorus" is more than appropriate here as a positive glut of massive radio friendly choruses tumble forth from my white earphones. THE MAG

‘bombastic and swirly guitars are very much to the fore in this track which hits all the right notes in the right order’

If you're looking for melodic indie with bite 'Wait For You' is faultlessly executed, occasionally moving, and, interestingly, delivers both lush, urgent choruses and heavier moments .LEEDS MUSIC SCENE

...they show a distinct ability for melody and without doubt the tracks here tick all the right boxes for mainstream radio play. THE NATIONAL STUDENT

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Featuring In:

Tin Soldiers in Vans
Friday 07.05.2010
City Showcase at RTTB 2010
Sunday 26.09.2010
Tin Soldiers in Merc
Thursday 05.05.2011
93 Feet East - 09/10/12
Tuesday 09.10.2012
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