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Sam Gray

ArtForm: Workshop Panellist, CityShowcase Act/Composer

Since the success of Sam Gray's Radio 2 play-listed debut single “Cartwheel Queen” he has had a busy few months eating up the miles all over the UK as support artist on full tours with Charlie Simpson, East 17 and David Ford as well as more shows with artists as varied as Westlife and The King Blues.

The talented singer/songwriter then spent the month of October 2011 ecial guest on the sold-out Overtones UK tour, playing at prestigious venues including the London Palladium and performing to some 40,000 people.

His album “Brighter Day” is now firmly ensconced in the Top 10 singer/songwriter albums on ITunes and his fan base continues to grow each day thanks to radio support from more than 40 stations.  A Channel 4 TV profile was broadcast on October 26th 2011 and was on demand on 4oD for a month.

November & December saw Sam finish the year as the featured artist for Caffe
Nero throughout its 500 UK shops as he played a huge number of intimate shows in Caffe Nero locations across the UK.  The high street coffee shop chain has always had a strong in-store music policy supporting artists through in store promo and shop tours and Sam’s tour, comprising more than 70 shows, is by far the biggest ever undertaken.

Speaking today 24 year old Sam, originally from Hull and now based in Manchester, said:-  "Gettig new music to the people is not easy, young musicians have to think on their feet to just be heard these days, as mainstream support is really hard to get for new artists and getting harder.  It’s brilliant that Caffe Nero is giving new British talent a chance to prove ourselves! Having said that though, Bob Dylan changed the world singing in the coffee shops of New York so maybe history is repeating itself in terms of artists finding new ways to get their music across" 


Biog as provided for February 2012

Featuring In:

City Showcase: Sessions 14 February 2012
Tuesday 14.02.2012
City Showcase: Soho Flea Market 2012
Sunday 27.05.2012
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