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Night Artery / Ross Arundale

ArtForm: CityShowcase Act/Composer, New Zealand

Formerly a one man band, Night Artery's Ross Arundale enlisted the help of Michael Barker (former drummer of John Butler Trio) and Eddie Rayner (Keyboardist / Producer Crowded House, Paul Mccartney) to record sophomore EP “DeliverDeliver” .  Firing out of the blocks with opener “DeliverDeliver” Night Artery attacks your ears with in your face indie/pop rock, hints of prog, unconventional arrangements and is simply swarming with energetic foot tapping hooks.

Won as a solo artist over 50 bands/artists.

"Moody pieces of textually intense music that sounds unlike anything I've heard before."

"It's freakin intense, rocks and is simply dripping with amazing melodies. There's no way to grasp the heaviness of it with just one listen." - The Ripple Effect

"...Distinctly original... Progressive pop music that doesn't sound at all like a one-man production...Capsize Your Surroundings is a cut above, in all respects. - Progression Magazine

THE STORY BEHIND THE DEBUT EP – Capsize your Surroundings

17 years in…and it became apparent that no other direction had any sense of resonance. Nothing else registered. But at that age, you have no idea what’s involved, what it takes, in fact you barely know anything. Instead you're wrapped in delusions of grandeur wishing for that instant break.

But it didn't happen in an instant and I’m glad it didn’t… Something that comes into your hands quickly and easily rarely holds a great amount of significance.

The next few years were learning years..
Enter a production line of jobs in search of that necessary albeit elusive ingredient (money to get started).

On the music front, bands didn't work, duo efforts subsided and my first solo efforts recording left me more jaded.....They felt boring and needed to be more..much more. More exciting, more unpredictable....

That's when the real decision was made. The decision that I wanted to do everything myself... That is, every instrument right down to the photography and design. The problem... I only knew guitar and this would require a lot of money.

The conclusion.. In order for this to be realised, drastic measures had to be taken… So for 2 years I travelled working on the Railway...

There were times where the rigours of the job felt nothing short of brutal (swinging a sledge hammer for months on end isn't exactly bliss) but the bigger picture was embedded in me and I stuck with it.

I earned in 2 years what would've taken 10.

I unloaded all of the savings into a mini studio and bought every instrument I needed. New electric and amp, bass, drum kit, keyboard and all the recording gear as well.

The last year was dedicated to learning each instrument as best as I could, enrolling in a short recording course, and ending with the writing and recording process from home..

Fast forward to today and here I am.. Finally the ep is ready.

I never considered a back up plan.

AWARDS and AIRPLAY to date..

Best International Rock EP 2008
Night Artery “Capsize your Surroundings”

Best International Up and Coming Rock Producer
Ross Arundale

- ISC SEMI FINALIST International Songwriting Competition 2008.
- Honourable Mention in the Billboard Music Awards 2008
- Song "Unity" used in Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal to help with fundraising efforts and aired in a pictorial tribute DVD at Sound Relief Concerts to 80,000 people.
* Selected for Jeff Buckley Tribute show at Forum Theatre, Melbourne performing Grace, Eternal Life and Hallelujah.
Compilations - Cinematic Shards..selected for:
Sonicbids Listen Volume 5
No Lip. Volume 2 Compilation for Mohawk Bomb Records
 Songsalive CD Sampler 2009
* 2005 Busker of the year...
At the Sydney Road Street Party as part of the Brunswick Music Festival
* 12 Songs Featured on Australian Television Network Channel 10 published through Universal Records and Fremantle Media .

Oz Radio Airplay:
"Cinematic Shards.." Featured on Home and Hosed Program

Biog as provided for City Showcase 2010

Featuring In:

Ross Arundale at Kingpin
Friday 26.11.2010
Ross Arundale in The Music Machine
Saturday 27.11.2010
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