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Nick and Jack - (NPD and Jack Doyle)

ArtForm: CityShowcase Act/Composer


NPD (Nick Powell-Davis) qualified with a BSc Hons in Sound Design and Music Technology and is now co-owner of Rejam with Jack Doyle.  Rejam started up in late 2010 - an all-encompassing brand that includes a weekly radio show, REJAM is doing things differently!   NPD and his fellow Rejam co-founder, Jack Doyle, have been developing their sound in the booth and the studio since 2006.  Not ones to be concerned or restricted by sticking to only one style or sub genre this allows for a great deal of musical freedom and variation, helping to keep their sound exciting and fresh.


They have a reputation of throwing distinctly underground parties with a distinctly cool crowd to match.  Both Nick & Jack are responsible for programming the music at every Rejam party and are very particular about where and who they play for, ensuring that they are involved with only the right party people.   After only a year of running Rejam events, things have really picked up with Nick & Jack playing most major events/venues in London such as LWE, Jaded, Losoul, Crucifix lane, Toast, Basing House, Cable, Cargo, etc.


On their radio show, keeping their ears firmly on the ground, they aim to showcase the vibrant insurgence of underground talent in electronic music by providing their audience with mixes from both signed and unsigned artists.


In late 2010 the concept for REJAM originated through a passionate chit chat between a small group of friends expressing their ideas for creating a platform through which they could share their mutual love for electronic music to an audience that would appreciate it.


Ideas and dreams were thrust upon one another causing an excessive amount of excitement and anticipation until eventually the group gave in to their urges and said "Fuck it, Lets av a go!" and so the journey began……


"What we gonna call this???……. Arrrgh! I don't know". The group called upon Google for an answer. Google this…..Google that……..Nothing! It seemed like even the mighty engine of search didn't have a scooby!


Until….Finally, out of nowhere, the mighty search engine prevailed and presented the group with one strange and unique word which they had never heard before…. 'REJAM'. With it's definition "To jam together a group of friends in an alarming and excessively epic way" the group made a unanimous decision……and REJAM was born!  Since its creation, 'REJAM' has been wrapped in a fresh, unique and quirky image that the group has all grown to love and cherish, as will you!


The REJAM team is all about bringing a group of like minded party people together to share their passion for electronic music by showcasing the finest underground DJ's and producers the world has to offer.


Until the sun sets and the party begins…………………..





These guys like to keep underground so no biog for City Showcase 2012!


Featuring In:

DJ Tuesday at Cafe 1001 - 09/10/12
Tuesday 09.10.2012
Run to the Beat 2012
Sunday 28.10.2012
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