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Kevin Reynolds

ArtForm: Workshop Panellist

Kevin Reynolds is CEO of KRMB Management Ltd.

Kevin has been playing saxophone since 1980. He started with classical
training on clarinet. He attained grade 8 standard, with the Royal School Music
exam. After leaving school he played with various big bands, London Fusion
Orchestra and Tower Hamlets Big Band to name a couple.  After gaining experience in different up and coming bands he became a full-time
musician in the summer of 1991.

KRMB Management looks after artists signed across the world to both major and independent companies including: EMI Music Publishing, Warner Music, Peer Music, Ferryhouse Productions (Germany), Hopla Reloaded (Peter Hoffmann, manager of Tokyo Hotel, Germany), Songponic Records (UK), Double Moon Records (Turkey) and other partners.

Formed in 1998 by session musician Kevin Reynolds. First major signing was One Family signed to Pete Waterman’s label.

As a session musician Kevin has worked with Phil Collin’s, Mary J Blige, Usher, Take That, Boyz Own, Lionel Richie, Joe Cocker, Chaka Khan and many other artists. As a classically trained saxophonist and percussion player.

KRMB was started to try and address the issue of maintaining artistic integrity whilst pursing the aim of commercial success. Being a musician and artist in his own right allows Kevin to totally understand the needs of his artists whilst being able to guide them to make the often difficult compromises sometimes needed to succeed in the business of music.

KRMB has been working for several years to forge strong ties to European & UK companies. With many of our artists signed abroad and then returning to the UK.

KRMB overlooks the whole process and stress the importance of artists writing or co-writing their own material. Our deals are usually joint venture deals, allowing KRMB artists to have a much bigger say in how they are presented. All KRMB artists have separate writing and artist careers. This gives them very strong foundations in terms of long term chances of succeeding in the music business and creating sustainable

Kevin Reynolds aim is to educate all aspiring artists and writers and make them aware of the intricate and ever changing nature of the Global music business. But more than that, is that they become masters of their own destiny by taking as much control as possible of their own careers with both their own knowledge and picking the best team possible.
Artists:  Ashley Hicklin, Caroline Harrison, Shereen Shabana, Bora Uzer

Biog as provided for City Showcase 2010

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