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Gareth Malan

ArtForm: CityShowcase Act/Composer, New Zealand

Songwriting has always been a quiet passion of mine ever since picking up my first bass all the way back in 03’. I find that my writing come out in two completely different ways. Half of me wants to write acoustic, soulful tunes with a stripped back feel whereas the other ‘half’ wants to write groovy, pure funk style tunes. I compromise with myself by writing both.

I try to let my past experiences and travels influence my writing in as profound a way as possible. My love for funk and soul is born from a childhood spent in Zimbabwe, where the local sounds and rhythms reflect a hard but rewarding lifestyle. Spending many sun soaked and carefree years in Hawkes Bay has instilled in me a love for smooth, acoustic music- Jack Johnson and Donavon Frankenreiter have, by far and away, the most plays on my Itunes library.

When I am offered a gig or show I try to assemble a group of musicians that I can play confidently and smoothly with, as well as capturing the feel and sound of the music I write. With the Napier City Showcase, I have assembled a group of talented musicians with whom I spent my years in Havelock North with. I feel extremely comfortable on stage with this group of people and I am confident that this ease and flow will show when we take the stage on the 25th,

Looking forward to seeing you there

Gareth Malan


For City Showcase: New Zealand 2010, Gareth will be performing with the following band:

Hamish Popplestone
Dean Blackwell
James McLellan
Gareth Malan
Logan Matheison
Ben Fagan
David Walters
Andrew Clarke
Jared Grant
Ben Taylor
James McLellan
Logan Matheison
Gareth Malan


Photo Names-

‘Cathedral Cove’
-Shot of me playing guitar in Cathedral Cove, Coromandel

‘Halberg Dinner Lads’
(from left to right) Starting from top left;
James Mclellan, Ben Taylor, Nick Perraux, Tihomir Mijatov, Gareth Malan, Logan Matheison, Ben Fagan, mr. Ben Throp, Andrew Clarke
@the halberg dinner awards 2009 napier

‘Havestock 2008’
-Havelock  North high School Havestock festival 2008

‘James and Gareth’
-Shot of James Mclellan and Gareth Malan at Havestock 2008

‘Rival Opening’
From top left (to right)- Tihomir Mijatov, Gareth Malan, Logan Matheison, David Walters, James McLellan

Featuring In:

City Showcase Launch at the War Memorial Conference Centre
Thursday 25.11.2010
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