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Esther Melody Band

ArtForm: CityShowcase Act/Composer, New Zealand

Pretty much from the time she could walk Esther Melody has been a precocious entertainment force, she didn’t have a hair brush for a microphone, she had a microphone for a microphone!  Standing on the balcony facing the street, performing for her “fans” (her teddies, family and any passerby) she would crank out at the top of her lungs songs from pretty much every genre under the sun.  Nevertheless music was never primarily about “look at me” for Esther, it was a way of reaching out, connecting with people and making them smile, cause who wants to play with dolls when there’s a whole neighbourhood to party with?

Esther Melody was born into a family that love God and love music, any kind of music, whether it be the gospel and rock tendencies of her father, the folk and pop sensibility of her mother, the hard rock leanings of her mates at church or the urban/cultural music of the multicultural neighbourhood she lived in. 

Esther has now made her parents faith her own and is keen to bust out of any mould attached to that - “If its OK for Madonna to be into Kabbalah, then it should be ok for me to be into Christianity”

Though Esther loved singing, she needed a fair bit of persuasion to reach her full potential. Many times she said NO, like when her parents suggested she learn piano, it wasn’t until she saw a knockout pianist live and woke up in tears crying “I want to play piano” that she changed her mind.

Now as a young professional, Esther has decided to play hard and work harder!  Her work ethic, gregarious attitude and gorgeous looks have now opened the way for her to work with Oscar winning sound engineers, Grammy winning producers, world champion athletes, legendary (in NZ) music video directors and award winning young fashion designers.

While music is her major outlet and performing live with a band is her first preference, Esther is also developing as a songwriter, producer, arranger, young businesswomen and informed young woman of God.

Esther’s dream is to take her music to the world, to be an international artist with a social conscience, following in the footsteps of artists like Brooke Fraser, Bono and Bob Galdoff. Esther’s focus is world literacy and spiritual freedom, ‘Why fight when you can dance?!’


"I think you're amazing and I want to sign you to my record company and make you rich."
Anika Moa, singer/songwriter

"I felt the same way when I saw Bic Runga for the first time, I felt the same way when I saw Anika Moa for the first time and I feel the same way seeing you for the first time.  So this is a special moment, the birth of a new talent."
Victor Stent, producer

“Wow, Finally a NZ band with a female singer who doesn’t sing la de da girly s**t. I like the sound of your band and am surprised I haven't heard of you before.”
Greg Page, renowned NZ video director

"One of Kiwi music's discoveries of the year ... polished and accessible, yet unpredictable."
Tom Cardy, The Dominion Post


Esther Melody Smith - Singer, keyboard, Acoustic Guitar
Hamish Maude - Bass Guitar
Caleb Smith - Drums, Backing Vocals
Jared Stevenson - Electric Guitar


Might See A Miracle - EP
All Mixed Up - EP
"Secret Message" - Debut Album


NZ on Air funding for “Meet me at the Water”
Inclusion on November “Kiwi Hit disk” 2009
“Meet me at the Water” video on C4
“Meet me at the Water” NZ top 40 chart
Album of the month on NZ’s Rhema
“Story of Hope” voted top listener song for 2009 on NZ’s Rhema’s end of year countdown
Winner Series 6 Maorioke ($10,000 prize)
Selection of Esther’s song “Go for Gold” as the official song for the NZ Rowing team at the 2010 World Rowing Champs
Selected to perform at the 2010 World Rowing Champs

Biog as for City Showcase 2010

Featuring In:

Friday night at Kazba
Friday 26.11.2010
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