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Dave Riot

ArtForm: CityShowcase Act/Composer

Raving, Moshing, Crowd Surfing, Head banging, Air-Guitaring, Drumming, Spinning, Singing, Dancing, Shaking, Mooning, Spooning, Smooching, Spending, Drinking, Waffling, Pifferling, Chatting, Spiting, Chewing, Smoking, Coughing, Vomiting......outside though.....Walking, Head Spinning, Falling, stumbling, Laughing, Smiling, Ke-babbing! Cab-Running, Bedding, Sleeping, Snoozing, Dribbling, Dreaming.....What An Outing!
Commonly known as a Pirate Riot!
DAVE RIOT the man behind PIRATE RIOT....The freshest event to hit London! Coming from the underground scene of the south, Pirate Riot now wants to introduce to you an all new music rave! Also having racked up gigs at Proud Galleries, 93 Feet East, Pacha, Brixton Jamm & LeeFest for such nights as Bangers n Mash, Maccabees after parties, Heavyweight House, Dave and the Riot gang are fast becoming reknown for there party styles....

As provided to City Showcase in 2010

Featuring In:

Pirate Riot @ City Showcase Rocklands 2010
Saturday 08.05.2010
City Showcase at RTTB 2010
Sunday 26.09.2010
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