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Chris Porter

ArtForm: Workshop Panellist

Chris is Head of Artist Development at Craker Media Company.

Chris has a strong background across several disciplines in music and performance. He is a vocal coach, singer, songwriter, arranger and producer and has worked freelance within the industry in all of these capacities for many years before joining CMC in 2009. He has been commissioned to write, arrange and produce songs for various projects and artists, perhaps most notably for Lord Attenborough’s most recent movie “Closing The Ring” in 2008, featuring Shirley Maclaine, Pete Postlethwaite, Mischa Barton and Christopher Plummer.

Biog as updated for City Showcase in 2011


Featuring In:

City Showcase: Session - An Audience with FranKo
Tuesday 16.11.2010
City Showcase: Rising 5 April 2011
Tuesday 05.04.2011
D'You Like me Live? at The Gibson Guitar Studio
Tuesday 10.05.2011
City Showcase: Rising 12 October 2011
Wednesday 12.10.2011
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