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Chris Dyer

ArtForm: Workshop Panellist

Chris has 10 years experience in the Music Industry in the areas of Artist Management, Label Management and Digital Technology. He has been involved in innovating digital technologies to maximise marketing opportunities and negotiated high level content deals with the Major Record Labels and larger Independent aggregators of Video and Music content. He has represented artists such as Alex Vargas (EMI publishing), Vagabond (Universal/ Polydor), Skirtbox and BIM. He is now the UK Manager for Zimbalam Digital Music Distribution.

Zimbalam is a DIY digital distribution service powered by Believe Digital, Europe’s leading distributor of independent music, for independent artists that wish to sell their music online, get paid and keep their rights! Artists can release music to platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and major download stores worldwide. Zimbalam also now allows artists and bands to monetise their content on YouTube.

How does it work?

Zimbalam is completely non-exclusive and costs as little as £19.99 for a single or £29.99 for an album. You then receive 90% of all royalties generated by the sale of your music, plays on streaming services and for the use of your music on YouTube. There are no annual fees and no hidden charges!

You choose all the stores and territories that you want to distribute to and we will give you the useful tools that allow you to promote your music online.

Five reasons why to join Zimbalam…

1. The free promotional tools will build and engage your fan base
2. Sell your music easily in a crowded digital marketplace
3. Receive daily sales reports, a CRM system, an embedded player and widgets for Facebook and MySpace.
4. Simple and easy to use.
5. No annual fees and hidden charges – free sign up!

Artists have full control of their release and are able to generate UPC and ISRC codes/ Free UPC & ISCRC codes, set a release date and pick all the stores and territories they want their music distributed to during upload of a release.

Zimbalam gives all artists straightforward and comprehensive tools that will allow them to promote themselves and their music online. There tools also help in the marketing process, to aid promotion, publicity and maximize sales.

Choose your own web address, and upload content and music with ease onto your own customizable artist page. You can even use your website to increase your fan base, and build lasting relationship with your supporters, by offering them a free track in exchange for their email address, for example. Use the Zimbalam player to display news, tour dates and photos whilst giving your fans an easy place to buy your music direct and sign up to your newsletter. Easily install it on your artist page, Facebook, MySpace and embed anywhere you please!

Our system lets you choose which stores and what countries you want to sell your music on. We give all artists free, straightforward and useful promotional tools to help you maximise your releases online. These include daily sales reports; an embeddable player for Facebook and Myspace; and a CRM system – which allows you to build and communicate with your fan base.

Tools Available:
Royalty reporting & in-depth analytics:
Zimbalam offers the most advanced royalty and sales reporting system on the market, with secure access to detailed sales reports and automated royalty payments 24/7 you can see where and when you are selling, by country, region and by store.
Customizable HTML music player:
Embeddable in Facebook, Myspace and any other website, fans can listen to and buy your music, sign up to your newsletter and share it to their social networks

Fan Connect: Track your fan buzz with our email capture and analytics and newsletter management system. Import and manage your contacts, run competitions and track responses of your newsletters. Improve the relationships you have with your fans; import all your old contacts and collect new ones with features like the email grabber. Keep you database of contacts updated, and send them personalized email, or newsletters with our newsletter tool using our templates or your own custom html.

Get clear and accurate stats on newsletters you send out and music you sell. Discover the location of your fans to help you plan future tours and marketing strategies.
Imagine having your Myspace, Bandcamp and EPK all in one place…

With your own artist page, you can sell and steam direct to fans with your music player, add news, gigs details, mailing list signup, link to your Facebook & Twitter pages and give away a free track in exchange for an email address.

Manage your music on the move:
You can now manage your release(s) and sales using our free iPhone app. You can find out more about the new app here

Chris Dyer, UK Manager of Zimbalam: “Zimbalam is the perfect platform for the developing artist. Artists working with us, have full control over their digital activities with a range of state-of-the-art, completely free tools that allow them to engage with fans, run campaigns and track their activity. We believe that helping new artists develop will benefit both them and us as a company in the long-term and we are fully committed to investing in new talent.”

Artists: 11, 000 UK / 70, 000 Worldwide
Paid out over 4,000,000 Euros in royalties

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