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Adroit was started in 2011 with the vision to produce high quality, stylish clothing for the more discerning surfer.

Ben Hulme, a surfer from Guernsey, gave up a career in banking to create Adroit because he and his friends were dissatisfied with existing clothing offering from surf brands, characterized by low quality, poor fitting off the shelf designs and loud logo graphics. The idea was to create high quality, stylish clothing that could be worn all day at the beach and out at night.

Adroit draws on the heritage of classic European apparel to create versatile modern designs. All their clothing is cut and sewn using custom patterns to achieve a unique tailored fit and relaxed style. “For us fit, fabric and attention to detail are everything; we want to make the best clothing possible. So far the response has been amazing and people are seeing the quality” says founder Ben Hulme. Adroit clothing is designed in the UK and made in Braga in Portugal, an area with a rich textile heritage and a place that is world renowned for their quality clothes making.

Their vision for Adroit is to create a surf brand that is more than just hype. “Surfing is going through a renaissance at the moment, and I believe many surfers feel that some of the larger surf brands have sold out and have lost their relevance” says founder Ben Hulme. Adroit embraces the surf renaissance and a return to what it means to be a surfer; a counter culture of freedom, adventure and having fun.

The Adroit motto ‘The Other Side’ defines the inspiration behind the brand: high quality goods that draw on alternative lifestyles, creativity and adventure. Adroit (meaning elegant or skillful in the use of hands or body) has already built up a core following in UK through their support of creatively minded individuals who draw inspiration from surf, such as artists, photographers, writers, poets and adventurers. They launched this summer with a beach tour of UK, throwing parties, BBQs, live music and surf competitions spots like Croyde, Polzeath, St Agnes and Sennen.

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