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Adrian Zag

ArtForm: Workshop Panellist

Born and bought up in Kenya, Adrian's love of music started from an early age.

After flirting with a conventional career, he decided instead to devote his life to becoming a successful songwriter. And since 2001, he has steadily earned a reputation as one of the most promising and versatile young songwriters around.

Adrian now has over 100 releases and counting, including 4 Gold records and 1 Platinum. With songs out on all the major record labels world-wide and several major dance labels (MoS), he has had top 40 hits in 11 countries including the UK. 2006 is set to see him reach the top tier of pop writer/producers.

His style is an eclectic mix of Pop, Dance, and R+B, with a thread of strong melodies and unusual lyrics running thoughout his material. Upcoming projects include the new Jennifer Paige album and a whole album with Asheni, who had major success as York feat Angelina with Zag's 'Iceflowers', a song that was no.1 in Judge Jules' chart for 3 weeks (summer 2005). 'Calling Out My Name' was also nominated for an Arion award for best pop song in 2004.

'Melody is everything', he says: 'whatever style of music I write, I'd like to think my songs all have a strong melodic thread. All too often this last decade or so, pop music has become so production and track-driven that good songs are very rare. Of course, vibe and production are all important, but nothing is as important as melody. I hope my music reflects this.'

Based in London, Adrian spends much of his time abroad co-writing, and some months every year in his beloved Kenya, where he was lucky enough to have been born and brought up.

(biog as provided to City Showcase in April 2006)

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