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Aaron Norton

ArtForm: CityShowcase Act/Composer

It was just before the summer of 2000 when Aaron Norton performed live before an audience for the very first time. The occasion was the annual school concert, and nerves and adrenaline filled the hall.

The evening was well underway by the time Aaron took to the stage. Accompanying himself on his acoustic guitar, he sang Eric Clapton’s much-loved “Tears in Heaven”. Immediately, this noisy, nervy school hall fell silent. Not a word was spoken. Even the group of rowdy teenagers at the far end were captivated. This young boy, alone on the stage, barely lifting his head or opening his eyes as he sang, took everyone completely by surprise. The audience was clearly entranced. So it was no surprise when, to the evident delight of the crowd, he alone was invited by the head teacher to sing an encore at the end of the evening. From that day forward, Aaron’s dream was set in stone, and so he began his journey.

Since then, Aaron has written song after song and played gig after gig around and throughout London. The numerous venues he has played range from the claustrophobic “The Betsy Trotwood” to the extravagance of the London Palladium. In the heart of Leicester Square, London’s entertainment nerve-centre, Aaron has twice performed live on 95.8 Capital FM radio show.

The experience Aaron has gained over these exhilarating few years will stand him in good stead for what must surely be an exciting time ahead. The people Aaron has met and gigs he has played have imbued him with a new confidence and insight into the music industry. His desire to perform and to entertain the world with his music is now unstoppable. A veritable modern-day Barry Manilow.

And it keeps getting better. Aaron is performing to the widest possible range of audiences and building a fan base that will surely journey with him on the road ahead. Click on the media tab and listen to some of Aaron’s best music. If you like what you hear, sign on to his mailing list for constant updates on his progress and upcoming gigs.

One thing is clear - the future is looking very bright for this young artist. So keep an eye out for Aaron Norton performing on a stage near you, sometime soon!

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