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A. Human

ArtForm: CityShowcase Act/Composer

A. Human are the new breed. Dirty. Strange. Slightly deranged. And very real. Be prepared to get hooked on their full on electro-androgyny rock fronted by a Shakespearean-esque storyteller singer who tells tales of fantasy and reality in the same sex fluid dripping breath. One thing's for sure - A. Human aren't for the dicky hearted but, like all addictively hedonistic things in life, that's what makes them so great.

"Black Moon" introduces you to singer Dave Human's psycho-monologues about women with knives for hands and men with deer heads. He's a modern day literary oddball, and the single ingeniously couples these musings with deep, pulsing, analogue basslines, and razorsharp guitars. The b-side "Trees Sway" explores the sonic and lyrical darker side of A. Human. The package is completed by Justus Kohncke (Kompakt stalwart) who delivers a lush synth laden minimal excursion, and the Dr Strangelove remix (Lottie and Pete Martin's [Slide of Cass & Slide] new pseudonym) which jacks everything up for peaktime floors whilst retaining the full vocal and analogue melodies. Their live show is a left hook to the cheek – and it's led by Dave who pulsates into every bewildered crowd member like some new age Michael Hutchence on Viagra. He's a master at capturing a crowd, "The band creates the atmosphere and I tell the story and that's what it's about. The emotion and the performance that they give really puts it in me to go out there and the bigger the live acts get the more excited I get. When I'm off stage and I look back at everyone it's a solid unit and it's a sexy thing. I've got too much going on in my body so I have to get rid of it - it's like a nervous twitch."

The debut album 'Third Hand Prophecy' is finished and coming on 2nd June. It's an 11 tracker of synth and bass laden shock 'n' roll that's ready to assault dancefloors. A. Human, as a package, are as real as a slap in the face. Distinctly odd, a bit over the top, whatever the label - this is one band that won't, and shouldn't, be ignored.

Biog as for City Showcase 2008

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