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We are 2i’s (consisting of Jon, Jordan & Sam). 2i’s started at the end of 2012 after we graduated from LCC. Predictably we felt we had nothing ahead of us. We decided to try and flog some 'printed t-shirts' at Brick Lane market so we could raise the cash to go all out.

The collective was born from a mixture of drunken sunshine in Soho and encounters with awful older men in G-A-Y.

Our name comes from the legendary Soho haunt, 2i’s Coffee Bar, credited as being the ‘Birthplace of British Rock ‘N Roll’ (that’s what the plaque says)

Soho screams sex and extravagance. Along with its twisted 'mafia' it entices brothers and sisters with its mystery and adrenaline. It has always been about the tragically magical living for the weekend and remembering nothing the next day.

We went back and looked into the square miles history and became inspired by Frith, Wardor and Old Compton Street. We immediately fell in love with the sass, seed and intoxication of the place.

Now we have done the t-shirt thing (which incidentally we loved and still love doing) we are trying to step up our game and make more stuff!

We want the garments we produce to be concise, confident and a little bit dirty.

Sam works in Design, Jon in Tailoring and Jordan in Print.



Biog as for Soho Flea Market 2014

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Soho Flea Market 2014
Sunday 25.05.2014
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