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Breaking into the Music Industry
Article Post Date: Wednesday 17.03.2010

It's a tough industry to break into and if anyone knows about it we do! With over a million talented members around the world, StarNow deals with the highs and lows of the music industry everyday.  Our main piece of advice to musicians is to be proactive, get experience and as much exposure as possible.

You can do this in a number of ways including entering music competitions and showcases including City Showcase which StarNow are proud to sponsor. Or check out the huge range of opportunities advertised on the StarNow website.

Make sure your music can easily be found online. By having a StarNow online profile you can be scouted by music industry professionals.  You can upload your demo to your profile and if you've made a music video you can add this and increase your chances of being spotted.  If you haven't got a music video then use StarNow to network with film makers and make one!

Being a member of StarNow gives you the opportunity to:

•be scouted by record labels
•find other musicians to work with
•collaborate with film makers
•enter competitions and showcases
•find paying jobs and gigs.
It's about getting out there, being seen and gaining as much experience as possible.  If people can't hear your music or find you it's going to be tough to break in to the music industry.

StarNow can help you, so what are you waiting for!  Join now ...

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